Peter Clark

13 January 2023

Journey Land 8

Journey Land

Welcome to Journey Land, a brief update about all things Journey. This edition is written by Peter

Product Improvements

  • Viewer Personalizations let you personalise Journeys for individual viewers. View →.

  • A Chrome Extension to easily share Journeys from Gmail. Install →.

Other happenings

  • We've continued to polish and refine (and speed up!) all aspects of Journeys.

  • Brendan wrote about how digital sales rooms will be the "need to have" in 2023.  Read →

What we're reading

  • Thankful for libraries. View →

  • Eggs are 60% more expensive than last year. Read →

Note from Peter

We've got a lot of delightful features launching over the next few weeks, all with the singular goal of making Journey a more integral productivity tool. We want to be the tool that helps you ideate and write! As always, we appreciate your feedback and kindness.