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Journey for Customer Success

Treat customers like VIPs from onboarding to QBRs through renewal

Learn why Journey is trusted by hundreds of Customer Success teams

Quick to Build

Customize for every customer in minutes

Access Controls

Control distribution with email verification, password protect, whitelists, blacklists, and expiration

Detailed Analytics

Leverage robust insights to track which customers are engaged (or not..) with email and slack notifications

Real Time Updates

Update in real-time with more personalized content as deals progress to later stages


Chat with prospects right from Journey


Template Gallery full of best Journey practices

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Journey helps hundreds of businesses each week win more deals by sending better, more personalized and more engaging stories.

Frequent Questions from Customer Success Teams

How do the best Success teams use Journey?

Instead of sending long emails with links and attachments, Customer Success will create and send a Journey which contains all relevant content once they receive the hand off from sales. This one link becomes the central hub for all content being shared throughout the lifecycle of a customer from onboarding, training, planning, QBRs, and renewals.

You can start from one of our templates or create from scratch - either way, you can duplicate these to easily create Journeys for new customers in a few clicks.